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In love with the givingJAR! Seriously everything about it is incredible: packaging, identity, materials! A++" (California)

"It's good to give us a way to talk about giving and needs! It's so great!" (Texas)

"Most fun play date activity ever! C already decided she's having a Giving Grows birthday party!" (Virginia)

"They were thrilled to receive it and it really became a lesson when I explained what their purpose is. Really, overall on my end it was the perfect project! It's such an awesome idea!" (Connecticut)

"Spent the morning having so much fun decorating our Giving Jars! It's such a fun way to teach our children the importance of giving to others. I 💛 these jars!!" (Connecticut)

"She is so excited to work on her Giving Jar! I made the mistake of opening it last night after dinner and she wanted to do it right away. I could only get her to go up for bath by promising we would do it first thing in the morning. It is the cutest kit ever! And your printed materials are awesome!!" (Arizona)

“Cutest thing ever. M was so excited to decorate it and it has spurred so many important discussions since.” (Washington)