'Original' givingJAR (Single)


'Original' givingJAR (Single)


1 Reusable Coin Jar
     3 x 5-1/2 inches, spiral wound & made of recycled materials
Assorted High Quality Stickers & Decorative Embellishments
Adhesive Stick
Assorted Markers

Keepsake Instruction Card

givingJAR Craft Kits make an ideal and unique gift or any time activity! Giving grows at all ages.

All beautifully packaged and ready to go. This thoughtfully hand selected craft kit has endless creative possibilities: Color, cut, glue, create!

**A portion of every givingJAR sale is donated, because after all...giving grows!**

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The gift of a givingJAR is a great way to jump start or complement a habit of giving! Contribute found money, earned money, monetary gifts, or change at the end of the day. When the time is right, give the money (or purchased items) to a non-profit organization or an individual of choice. And then do it again and again!

Creating a personalized jar is a fun activity to do at home with family, while playing with friends, or at a special event. Making a givingJAR uniquely yours creates a sense of ownership and investment into the adventure of giving. Make sure to keep your givingJAR in a visible spot! Using your givingJAR will result in a habit of thinking of others, and you will be amazed at how your giving grows!