Do I need any additional supplies?

Nope! You certainly don't need any additional supplies, as we include lots of lovely hand-selected crafty items. However, the sky is the limit for creating -- if you want to include additional craft supplies, magazines, photographs, or anything else that might make a giving jar uniquely yours, go for it!

Who do we give to?

Whoever you or your child feels is in need of your giving.

A few simple ideas for inspiration are: Buying a toy, clothes, etc. for an organization or local family Buying supplies to cook/bake for someone locally Donating to a non-profit organization Giving money to a street musician Creating care packages for military personnel, military families or veterans Purchasing food for a local animal shelter Sponsoring a child to participate in a class or team who couldn't otherwise afford it Supporting a friend/family member who is running a race for charity Donating to a charitable campaign online that is meaningful to you Performing random acts of giving by paying for others (meals, movie tickets, drinks, store purchases, etc.)

Any of the above acts (and SO many more) will engage individuals of any age in the act of giving!

Do you have a list of organizations we can give to?

We do not provide a list at this time, as we really want this to be your child's own giving adventure and we know that you all have incredible ideas. You might want to give locally. You might want to give nationally. Part of the process is thinking about what is meaningful to you or your child and finding a recipient that you connect with.

If you are really struggling with making a decision, please feel free to contact us at and we can help you find a direction that works best for you.

How can I incorporate giving into our lives in other ways?

Please check out our Instagram, Facebook, and blog to get ideas for more simple acts of giving. A great place to start with kids is by reading giving-inspired books to jumpstart conversations and by creating traditions that are special for your family.

We have created cool giving jars and have given to some neat places. Can we share them with you?

Wonderful -- please do! We LOVE seeing your beautiful creations and hearing about the incredible giving you are doing. You can send us a message at or post on any of our social media below.

How do I teach my child to save money as well as give?

This is such a great question! It is crucial for children to learn to save while also growing their giving hearts. We like the idea of having two banks -- one giving jar and one "piggy bank." You can plan how the money will be distributed in advance OR you can let them choose each time. Do what works best for you and your family!