For My Children on Giving During this Season. And Always.

I hope that you learn through your lives that giving, in its purest form, feels good and is necessary and will change your life and worldview…that it does make a difference.

I hope that you take in the privileges with which you are being raised, right alongside the injustices that you and those around you may face.

I hope that you always think about how life circumstances make others feel, even if you have never been in their situations.

I hope that you shed tears for those who hurt and radiate joy for those who accomplish.

I hope that you offer a seat to the person on the subway who just looks so tired.

I hope that you put down your phones when you are crossing the street to help a struggling mom and her kids or an elderly person cross safely.

I hope that you pay for someone’s meal or purchase when you can, just because you are moved to do so.

I hope that you are the corporate volunteers who push to have a party for underresourced kids and take time away from work to participate. Or that you volunteer on the weekends and take action to improve something you feel needs it.

I hope that when you are able to, you will donate to the organizations who are working tirelessly to protect and to educate and to feed and to clothe and to provide.

I hope that you stand up for what you believe in and choose to act peacefully and with love.

I hope that you welcome neighbors and anyone who needs a place to go into your homes.

I hope that you always have perspective about what you have and how there is always someone who needs something that you can spare.

I hope that you always treat all people with kindness and respect and love and giving.

I hope.