Celebrate Your Giving Instead of Worrying About Not Giving Enough

Photo   by Elisa Nobe/ FI

 by Elisa Nobe/FI

Do you donate blood? Do you participate in charity runs?

Do you spring clean and pass clothes, toys or household items along to other families in your neighborhood or to local nonprofits?

Do you give time at your child's school or a religious institution? Do you serve on a community committee?

Do you cook meals for friends or family when they have babies or surgeries or are going through difficult times?

Guess what? You are already giving so much. Take heart that your gestures of giving, whatever they may be, are making an impact.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by what we're not doing.

Today, let's celebrate what we ARE doing!

Happy Giving!

Photo  by Lisa/ FI

Photo by Lisa/FI